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Entries: 335
29.08.2007 03:42, Erick Binzar from Indonesia E-mail :
Hello Fan Ming my friend,
Thanks for your welcoming for our friendship and trade. OK I will always help you to get FDC Indonesia. To other people who need my serve and help to get all what you need from Indonesia, please feel free to contact me:

25.08.2007 13:13, Mr. Romy C. Go from Philippines E-mail :
I'm an oversea Chinese from the Philippines. I collect mint stamps & FDCs on basketball, Freemason & olympics. I also collect stamps from your country with China/Chinese significance topic.

17.08.2007 06:40, Fluke E-mail :
Hi! I am Philatelist from Thailand.
I collect mint stamps and special cancellation from Thailand. If you are interested in exchange, pls reply back to my email:

Let's see what I can offer you.

09.08.2007 16:27, Mircea Ivanov from Romania E-mail Homepage :

Offer stamps mint all Romania new issued !FDC!,Postal stationery thematic!
Used cover of 100 counrty ww!
Also used stamps ww 2000-2006 +used Romania
phonecards,coins,banknotes,els e!answer 100%
Mircea Ivanov
710095 Botosani-5

25.07.2007 19:56, max E-mail Homepage :
I Max from Slovenia. I exchange stamps worldwide and sell Slovenian stamps, blocs, fdc, MC...
I want firebrigade, mushroom, animal and rabbit - hare stamps fdc, blocs.
Please look my homepage, with katalogue for Slovenian stamps

22.07.2007 18:04, suman dubey from indian E-mail :
i am suman from india.I want covers on ships and exchnage i can send pre independence postal covers and cards of india.i want packet by registered post because i also send by registered post.

18.07.2007 13:28, Faisal Cheema from Pakistan E-mail :
Hello friend!
I am cheema from Pakistan. If you want to swap some nice FDCs from Pakistan, I may be of help to you.
In return, I would like to have some FDcs from China or any other country which are good thematic FDCs especially with Olympics, Football or other good themes.
You can contact me on my email address
Best Regards
Yours Cheema

17.07.2007 09:58, Mr.K.L.Nayak from indian E-mail :
i would like to collect china stamps, iam new in this
stamp collecting send me those & iwill send u indian psotal stamps only in exchang base.

15.07.2007 19:36, asher from israel E-mail Homepage :
exhange mint sets/FDC/max cards/them
also mint banknots/phone cards/
my add asher carmi pob 5105 ashdod 77150 israel

12.07.2007 20:59, guide E-mail :
Hi. Do you know if a 3d anaglyph stamp was ever done officialy?


Page: < 1, 2, 3, ... 32, 33, 34 >
Entries: 335
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