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18.10.2007 11:20, SAHIL E-mail :
india released three stamps and one miniature sheet on 4th CISM WORLD MILITARY GAMES 2007

16.10.2007 15:14, Gatsby Cheah from Malaysia E-mail :
I love your information on stamps. Ionly collect used. Keep up the good work.

15.10.2007 15:06, Vladimir E-mail Homepage :
Hi fan,
Excuse me, that I have not pasted on an envelope a label with your address.
At us awful conditions of service of philatelists. Untrained workers of mail, anyhow make out the post correspondence. To you has still carried, and to your friend from Taiwan have put a dark blue calendar stamp from above special.
Fan I have created blog devoted to the Kazakhstan philately. Support the link to yours blog.
http://kazphilately.blogspot.c om Also excuse, that I have taken the description of the stamp from you how at you the main thing is very good also is competently written.

28.09.2007 15:43, Vladimir Homepage :
Hi Fan!
Today in Kazakhstan issued new stamps.
I send you new FDC R-letter.
View of the stamp and FDC you san see on my site
Best regards,

26.09.2007 19:25, Wahid Zia E-mail Homepage :
My name is Wahid Zia. I Live in Lahore (Pakistan). I am collecting stamps since 1980. My themes are:- Dolphin, Shark, wheel, Butterfly, Mosque, Tomb, All-Hajj, Cancer, SARRC, RCD, Pakistan related stamps, Joint issue with Pakistan, fossils, Freedom fighter of Pakistan(Quaid-E-Azam, Allama Iqbal etc.) and Pakistani flag on world stamps with error.
I made a group on yahoo groups and started an internet magazine. Its name is Pak Net Mag which means Pakistan Internet Magazine. Club issues the magazine by half monthly. The purpose of this club is to provide a plate form to the collectors who really want to achieve a certain goal. Here you will find lot of philatelists willing to exchange, buy or sell stamps. Whether you are an advanced collector or a beginner, you are most welcome to share with us your experiences, news and friendship.
pakistani_stamps@yahoogroups.c om paknetmag/ pakistani_stamps/ /paknetmag

26.09.2007 16:25, Rosario from Italy E-mail :
Dear Mr Fan Ming, your site is Ok and I'll came back to visit it again .
My best regards, Rosario.

20.09.2007 10:27, SSwarup Rath from INDIA-ORISSA E-mail :
Dear Ming Fan
I am FDC collector of INDIA and world.I am so much impressed by the collection and write up you posted in your site.All the best for your collection.If any one interested for exchange of FDC then please write to me at Plot no-969/2436,Forest Park,Bhubaneswar-751009,India. Only serious collector should wirte.I will reply all the email.Thanking you.
SSwarup Rath

05.09.2007 16:56, arvind kumar aggarwal from india E-mail Homepage :
i'm arvind,wellknowen numismatic &philatilist,i'd like
to havefriends in china,i'm 52,yrs. old of age,u can
trust me,i'm collecting scince 1967.i offer u indian
mint stamps ,ms,ss,p.s,if u wish plz write to me:
mr,arvind kumar aggarwal,
53,lala ka bazar,meerut city-250002.(u.p).india.
greetings from india.
all letters must be replied 100%.---------arvind[quote]

31.08.2007 20:45, israel nemas from israel E-mail Homepage :
Very nice and very professional.
I collect P.R. of China mint stamps in complete sets - blocs,stamps booklets,mini sheets and etc.
Best wishes.
Israel Nemas
P.O.Box 131
70751 Gedera

30.08.2007 14:13, Scott Williams from Denver Colorado USA E-mail :
I have enjoyed looking at your FDCs and pages very much! I have a stamp exchange partner in Australia, but none in China yet. I love to collect modern Hong Kong, but don't have an exchange partner there either. Keep up all the wonderful work on your pages!! Scott

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Entries: 335
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